What Type of Reader are you?

What Type of Reader are you?

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Cover to Cover! Today I wanted to talk about being a reader. Some people tend to stick to the same genres, same authors, even the same books while some people are all over the place with the books they choose. I saw someone do something like this on Instagram where they defined different types of readers, and I thought it would be cool to come up with some of my own. So without further ado, let's get into it!

Type 1: The Series Junkie- These are readers who never read a standalone book. They always want to be invested in what they're reading, and what better way to do that then read a 4-8 book series?

Type 2: The Classic Literature Snob- These are readers who only read classics or Pulitzer novels or any high brow literature. And they never dare to cross into the realm of young adult, fantasy, or romance genres. They prefer to seem more "educated" than that and want everyone to think they're smart because they are reading Paradise Lost or something by Hemmingway (without being in a classroom setting).

Type 3: The Polygamist Reader- As the title suggests, these are readers who always have more than one book at a time.

Type 4: The DNF Reader- As opposed to type 3, these are readers who can never finish a book. Whether that's because they always pick a dud, or they simply just get too distracted by other things. (DNF- did not finish).

Type 5: The Comfort Reader- These are readers who would rather re-read their favorite book or series than start a new one. You can also take this as someone who always stays within the same genre or will only read certain authors.

Type 6: The Fact Addict- These are readers who love and prefer nonfiction. They would rather learn something rather than divulge in a made-up fantasy world. They are more fascinated by the world around them.

Type 7: The Fiction Lover- Of course the opposite of type 6 would be people who would rather jump into a make believe world. They are not nearly as interested in the world they live in.

Type 8: The Spoiler- These are readers who always flip to the end of the book first before starting from the beginning. Whether that's because they don't like surprises or just need to know everything.

Personally, I fall under multiple types. I mostly associate with comfort reader, fiction lover, and spoilers. Mostly, fiction lover though. I do have a bad habit of flipping to the end of books first especially thrillers which is terrible, I know. Sometimes, I'm just looking for the page number and I just happen to read the last page.

Anyways, that's all I have for today, folks! I hope you enjoyed this week's post. I had so much fun writing it! Come back next week for more content! As always, thank you for reading :)