Watching You Book Review

Watching You Book Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! Today, I am back with another book review. Lisa Jewell is becoming one of my new favorite thriller writers. I’ve been going through her back catalog of books, and they are so good. Let’s get into it!

Watching You by Lisa Jewell follows a few neighbors from a small community in London. As we follow the different neighbors, we see how everyone is connected, and what secrets each character is hiding. All this leads to the death of a neighbor; from multiple point of views and interviews, we learn how much each person is really hiding.

Jewell’s books tend to follow the same pattern, so you always get 3rd person viewpoints of almost all the characters mentioned. I like it because she does it in a way that is easy to keep everyone and everything straight. The chapters are also really short which, of course, I’m a fan of.

This is one of those books that kept me guessing until the very end. I could not figure out who the killer actually was. I was able to piece together the connections between everyone. The book keeps you hooked through to the end. I read this in two days. It was so good.

Part of why I found it so addicting was because of the character relationships. Tom and his wife were really interesting. Mostly because Nikola was one of those wives who lived and breath for her husband. She couldn’t do anything that would make Tom unhappy. His son caught onto to this. There was just something off about this whole family that made me want to know all their secrets. Joey and Affie were also an intriguing couple because their guilty thoughts are a lot alike. It shows that you never truly know what someone is thinking. Everyone altogether had something to hide, and as a reader I wanted nothing more than to figure it out.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book. It’s a fast read, and the perfect book to pull you out of a slump. 5/5 stars.

Alright folks, that is all I have for this week! Come back next Wednesday for another blog post! As always thank you for reading:)