Ugly Love Book Review

Ugly Love Book Review

Hello, everyone! Welcome back! Today, I have another Collen Hoover book review. I know in my Verity post I was unsure of her books at first, but now that I have more than one under my belt I totally get the hype. So, let's get into it.

First, this book is about a girl named Tate who moves in with her brother while she saves up money for her own apartment and goes through nursing school. She meets his neighbor, Miles, who is extremely attractive but very closed off to relationships. They eventually make a FWB deal, but Miles has two rules: 1. Don't ask about the past and 2. Don't expect a future. As you can expect, Tate has a hard time with both. And their relationship has its ups and downs because of it.

This book is written in both Tate and Miles' perspectives. Tate's is in the present and Miles' is from six years ago. So, as you read, you learn more and more about why he is the way he is now. And what was so bad from his past that he won't allow himself to fall in love with anyone.

This book is so different than Verity. Not just in content and genre but in writing style. When you read Miles' perspective from the past it's very much like poetic prose. His words are very fluffy and very romantic. It almost sounds kind of weird. I listened to the audiobook, and just hearing it out loud the first time made me do a double check. I didn't mind it once I got used to it though. And I mean he is young and he is so in love with this girl, Rachel so it does make sense. But going from that to seeing him in Tate's perspective almost made it hard to remember that he's the same person/character.

Anyways, there are a lot of things I liked about this book. I am going to put writing style under the pros just because it added to his totally in-love character from the past. Another thing is that I did love the chemistry between Tate and Miles. As I was listening to it, you could tell that Miles wanted to not fall in love with her, but he couldn't help it. He was fighting with himself the entire time. He was also protective of her. Also, Tate is a very relatable character. I feel like most girls would resonate with her throughout the story.

I liked the alternating perspectives and the structure of the story. I liked that we learned more about Miles every other chapter throughout the book. I liked that everything wasn't revealed at once, and that His and Rachel's story began to parallel his and Tate's. And by the ending, everything came full circle basically. The duel perspectives also gives this story a slow build. Every time it was Miles from six years ago, I was constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. I kept waiting for the very bad thing to happen. Which is why I was always be like, "No, one more chapter; Okay this is the last one." I read this book in a day, so I obviously didn't listen to myself.

Even though, it was a slow building book, it was still a very fast and easy read. Like I said I made it through this book in a day. It's only like 350 pages I believe. I feel like her books are perfect for when you are in a reading slump because you get hooked so quick and just get super invested in the story/characters.

Also, there is a character named, Cap. And he is the sweetest old man character I have ever read about. He was such a great addition to the story.

While I did like a lot of things, there were also some things I didn't like. One being, I feel like Miles gave Tate a lot of false hope for not wanting her to expect a future. Then he would get upset with her, and I honestly felt bad for her sometimes. And she needed to stick up for herself more. She ended up creating one rule for them as well, but I think it needed to happen sooner. He would also ask about her past which would make her curious about his and again, he would get upset if she asked him anything personal. But if she can't ask him then he shouldn't be able to ask her...

Towards the end, as you find out what happens to Miles, it is really effing sad. I knew it wasn't going to be good, but just seeing him go from having everything to the opposite was so heartbreaking. And I really think there needs to be some kind of trigger warning in the beginning of her books. Or on the page before that specific chapter where it's talked about because damn that could really trigger someone.

Overall, I give it a 4/5 stars. Again, I would totally read Verity first and I liked it way better, but this book was still really good. I get the Colleen Hoover hype, and I really want to read more of her books. I recommend checking this one out!

Alright, folks, that's all I have for today! Come back next week for another fun post. As always, thank you for reading :)