The Wedding Ringer Book Review

The Wedding Ringer Book Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I am back with another book review, and I have to say this one was a pleasant surprise. So, let's get into it!

The Wedding Ringer is about Willa who recently caught her fiance cheating on her with her best friend. I know! She is crushed and the life she knew before is basically gone. Her partner, her best friend, and the her blog which she has stopped posting for. But then one day, she meets Maisie at a coffee shop. Maisie offers to pay her $5,000 to be her bridesmaid. The two form an unlikely friendship and Willa takes notice to one of the groomsmen, Liam. The two "friends" are trying to keep their secret to themselves...but does that work out for them?

I LOVED this book. I loved the writing, I loved the characters, I loved how this wasn't a typical fluffy romance. There was a significant emphasis on the best friend relationship between Maisie and Willa.

This is Kerry Rea's first book, and honestly, I can't wait for her next one. I believe she has another book coming out this September which I will definitely be reading. The main reason I picked this one up was because one of the main characters has the same name as me, and this is the closest spelling I've ever seen to my name in a book. Is that self-centered???

Like I said, while there is romance in this book, it's also about what it means to be a friend and how it can be hard to make friends when you're older. The main characters were in their late twenties, and I feel like once you're out of college it's hard to make friends unless it's people you work with. Where else are you going to meet people?

Plus, Willa now has trust issues and feels very sour towards the whole friend thing considering what her supposed best friend did to her. Seriously, sleeping with your best friend's But over the course of the novel, both Maisie and Willa are there for each other and their relationship slowly begins to mean more than just some form of payment or employment. It's honestly really cute and heartwarming. Even though Willa doesn't know everything about Maisie, she still wants her wedding to go off without a hitch, and she wants to make sure Maisie's day is perfect in her eyes as well. Maisie had a tendency to make sure everyone else was happy with the wedding even if that meant setting aside what she wanted.

There is romance in this book as well. I really liked the chemistry between Willa and Liam. It wasn't forced or cringey. It was honestly done really well in my opinion. I loved Liam's character. He was genuine, honest, and forward with how he felt about Willa. He was like the typical hallmark love interest which I feel like is never a bad thing. Especially since this was done really well like I said. As Willa was there to help Maisie, Liam was there to help Willa too.

Also, I related to a lot of the writing in this book. There were little character nuances that I felt like could have been written about or for me. I took pictures of multiple pages because I loved character details so much which I haven't done since reading LOTR (and we all know how much I love LOTR).

Overall, I give this a 5/5 stars. You need to run to Barnes and Nobles right now to get it. It's a short book; I read it all in a day. I cannot recommend this book enough!

Alright folks, that is all I have for today! Come back next week for more content. As always, thank you for reading :)