The Perfect Book for a Snowy Day!

The Perfect Book for a Snowy Day!

Hi everyone! In true PA fashion, we got our first real snowstorm of the season. While things are bad outside, it is so cozy inside. What better way to spend a snow day than inside curled up with a book and a cup of hot chocolate? I have created a list of books that I think would be perfect for a snowy day read especially with Christmas right around the corner!

1. An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

2. The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

3. Echoes Between Us by Katie McGarry

4. Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas

5. One of Us is Next by Karen M. McManus

This list is short and mostly contains thrillers. For some reason I think snowed in means it’s a perfect time to read a murder mystery. An Unwanted Guest is actually about five different couples/guests at a little inn in the middle of nowhere who get snowed in and then the guests start dying. It’s really good; I highly recommend. The Couple Next Door is also a really good mystery. I read that whole book in a day, and I loved everything about it. It is a nice quick read.

If you’re not looking for a thriller, Echoes Between Us by Katie McGarry is a cute teen romance that is very heartwarming. There are ghost hunting adventures in this book which may sound odd for a romance, but it makes sense once you get to know the main characters more. It is told from alternating perspectives of the main couple.

I also had to include a Sarah J. Maas book. This is the only book that is part of a series, but anything by Maas is worth the read. Her writing style is amazing. There is a lot of world building in this book since it is the first of the series, so if you want to get lost in a book world, I suggest this one.

The last book is a YAL thriller. It’s not necessarily a series but there is a book before this one called One of Us is Lying that introduces one of the main characters; however, I don’t think you have to read One of Us is Lying to read this one. This is a good book if you don’t know what you want to read next, or if you like thrillers but not hardcore thriller books. This is a good starting place for that genre.

Anyways, I know this wasn’t a long blog post, but I’ve been working on some more creative content ideas. I also have a whole list of books I want to write reviews on, so those should start rolling out in the beginning of the new year. I’m still in my reading slump, and I am slowly trying to work my way out of it. Thank you for reading, come back again! New blog post every week!