Reckless Girls Book Review

Reckless Girls Book Review

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Cover to Cover! Today, I want to talk about my first Book of the Month pick of this year! I do have a post talking about BOTM and my thoughts on it. Feel free to check it out here! So, let’s get into it.

I had seen this book floating around on Instagram but only a few times. Other than that, I haven’t really seen anyone talking about it. This is a thriller about a couple that takes these two girls on a vacation stop to this remote, very spooky, abandoned island. When they get there, another couple is already stopped there, and the six of them quickly become friends and explore the island.

As they explore and get to know each other, they realize that they don’t know these people as well as they thought. Everyone has a shady past, something they are hiding or running from.

The book is told from the perspective of Lux, the main character. ½ of the couple that agrees to take the two college girls to the island. But the book flips between the “Now” and the “Before.” The “Before” chapters are insights into each of the characters before they all came together on the island. These let you know just how shady each of them really are. These chapters really build up the story and anticipation for what's to come.

All of the characters come from tragedy. They, for the most part, have a very tragic past and are trying to make the best of life right now. I thought Lux was a very relatable character. I saw a lot of myself in her especially in the way she acts. I think a lot of other readers will be able to relate to her too. I hated Nico though. Lux's boyfriend; he was a tool and honestly was just annoying.

I really liked the breakdown of the book. I liked the now and before chapters; it really built the suspense and makes you question everything you know. The chapters are short and overall, it's a very fast moving book. The trip happens right away, and there’s a lot of anticipation to when something is going to happen on the island. This book is only a little over 300 pages. So, it’s a very fast and short read which I loved.

The main six characters are all connected one way or another and the ending was very shocking. I wasn’t expecting it! I had my guesses but overall, it really blew me away. And I really like that it was too predictable. You were constantly hit with new information that changed the way you thought about each character.

And to be honest, there isn’t really anything that I didn’t like. I thought it was really well written and again, I love short chapters! I feel like this would be a really good book for someone in a reading slump!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I definitely recommend it! I would give it a ⅘ stars. I have recently discovered that BOTM has some really good thrillers. I have loved almost all of the ones I have picked from them. Seriously, check it out!

Alright, folks! That’s all I have for this week! Come back next Tuesday for another book review! As always, thank you for reading :)