Putting Celebrities into Divergent Factions

Putting Celebrities into Divergent Factions

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today I wanted to do something different and throw it all the way back to middle school when everyone was reading the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I read the books and seen the movies, so I thought it would be fun to take celebrities and place them in the factions I think they would be a part of. I thought about doing this with other book characters, but I thought it would be a little more fun to do celebrities that we all know.

*Before I dive into this blog post, I just want everyone to know that below are just my opinions on where I could possibly see a celebrity. I don’t really know any of these people. These decisions are based on articles I researched and posts, comments, etc that I have seen on social media by the celebrity or their fans.

In case your memory is a little foggy (like mine was) here are the five factions:

-Amity: peaceful

-Abnegation: selfless

-Candor: honest

-Dauntless: brave

-Erudite: intellectual

Let’s start with the Amity faction.


-Harry Styles

His main motto is “Treat People with Kindness.” He respects his fans; and his fans can tell that he truly loves what he does. He supports love in all its forms. He does not care about societal norms and continues to break down those barriers and encourages others to do so as well. Harry Styles is such a positive force. He believes in his messages and honestly, this world does not deserve him.

-Ed Sheeran

He’s another musician who seems like just a sweetheart. He will stray away from social media when he knows he needs a break or there’s too much toxicity in the world at the moment. He cares about his fans and just really loves doing what he does. He’s genuine, and again, he’s never in the headlines over some petty drama. He’s also super nice to work with according to an article by more.com that named him one of the nicest actors to work with.

-Tom Holland

Personally, I don’t know a whole lot about him, but I do know that he could also be in candor since he cannot keep a secret to save his life. But he’s another celebrity who is having fun, living life, and seems very down to earth. He cares about the people he works with and loves what he does. He even went to visits a children's hospital to try to cheer the kids up.

Next, Abnegation faction.

-Keanu Reeves

He is known as one of the nicest actors to work with and is also one of the most generous celebrities ever. He runs a private charitable foundation that aims to help positive projects like cancer research. While doing some digging, I couldn’t hat he doesn’t like to attach his name to the foundation because he just wants teh foundation to do what it does. He will also make calls during charity telethons to help raise money for cancer research. He also takes care of his family; he bought his mom a house, and he’s bought motorcycles for his stunt crew members on the movie, The Matrix. And also gave an employee a $20,000 bonus when he heard they were having family problems!

-Taylor Swift

I know some people are probably wondering why she would be in this faction, but she also does a lot of charity work and just all around helps people when they are in need. She donated money when homes were destroyed in Louisiana because of flooding. She donated money when people were affected by the Tennessee wildfires. She’s started multiple GoFundMe pages for fans of hers in need of serious help. While some people don’t like her music, you can’t deny that she helps out not only her fans but people in crisis as well.

-Robin Williams

This should come as now surprise. Robin Williams was always giving back to others. He donated $80 million for Comic Relief. He always wanted to make people smile, and he always wanted to give back to the community. He knew what it was like to be alone, and he didn’t want anyone else to feel that way. Williams has supported 38 different charities and foundations with 26 different causes.

After abnegation, let’s move onto Candor.

-Chrissy Teigen

Now I know she has had her fair share of drama and being in the spotlight, but she is known on Twitter for being brutally honest. She is quick to call out other celebrities for their faults. She even calls out herself and her family for ridiculous things that they have done. Teigen has been very open about postpartum, depression, and motherhood. She’s very active on social media and some say her honesty is “refreshing.”

-Johnny Depp

He could honestly fall under a lot of different factions, but I think his truthfulness really pulls through especially after everything that happened with Amber Heard. He’s real about what it’s like to be a celebrity in Hollywood, and he’s honest with his fans. He’s genuine and cares about the people he works with. He could also fall under dauntless because he fought in court against Amber Heard for her false allegations against him as well as all the defamation to his name.

-Tom Hanks

I don’t know if anyone else was surprised by this, but I definitely was. According to multiple articles that I found, Americans find Tom Hanks one of the most honest and trusted people. People trust his opinion when it comes to political or social issues. Forbes Magazine named him one of the “Ten Most Trustworthy Celebrities.” He’s honest with his opinions and where he stands on different issues/topics.

The next faction is Dauntless.

-Princess Diana

I think she would belong in this faction because she was suffering and when no one would help her, she helped herself. She was open about her depression but was labeled as “mentally unstable.” Back then, in a world that didn’t hold mental health to the standards we hold it to today, it was courageous on her part to speak up about it, to want to get help. She was trying to break out of society’s norms, it’s stigmas. And then we all know how the “rumors” about how the Royal family treated her. She was under constant pressure from the public, the tabloids, her family, and she was trying to raise kids.

-Britney Spears

This one seems self-explanatory. Everyone has seen the fight she’s been having with her father regarding her freedom. She has brought it to everyone’s attention. She’s been posting on social media, asking for support. Spears has been posting a lot about other issues as well and has no problem voicing her opinion and encouraging others to share their voices too.

-Johnny Depp

See above note.

The last faction is Erudite!

-Emma Watson

I think she is such a good role model for young girls. She’s so graceful and elegant. She studied at Brown where she received a Bachelor’s in English Literature, according to an Insider.com article. She also studied at Oxford University. She was appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, and this helped her launch the HeForShe campaign. Watson has done so many amazing things, and she even still acted during all of this (for the most part).

-John Krasinski

He is such a creative person. He also pursued different academic avenues at Brown. I didn’t know this but apparently he spent some time teaching English in Costa Rica! He even interned with Conan O’Brien. He’s now created, directed, edited, etc. many different projects one of the big ones being, A Quiet Place.

-Ashton Kutcher

He has spent a lot of time investing in companies such as, Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, and Foursquare. He started his own Film company which produced the show Punk’d along with several other reality TV shows. He co-founded “A-Grade Investments” which is a venture capital firm in 2010, according to a celebrity news article. And one of the biggest things is that he co-founded a company called Thorn. Thorn builds technology to defend children from sexual abuse/sex trafficking (thorn.org).

That’s all I have today folks! Honestly, this was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. It was hard to think of celebrities but also WHY they would go into each faction. I wanted to have more than one reason for most of them. I hope I did them justice.

Come back next week for another post! Thanks for reading!