Part of Your World Book Review

Part of Your World Book Review

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the blog! Today, I have a really exciting review because I absolutely adore this book and can't wait to talk about it. This was my May BOTM pick, and honestly, I'm so glad I decided to switch things up and take a break from the thrillers. So, let's get into it!

This book is about ER doctor, Alexis Montgomery, who finds herself falling for someone who lives a completely different lifestyle from her. Her family is a medical legacy, her parents (more the dad) have big plans for her and want her to carry on the family legacy. She's rich, she has nice things, and has lived a lavish lifestyle. She just got out of an emotionally abusive relationship, so she's not looking to jump into another one. But then she meets Daniel and while he was just supposed to be a one night stand, he turns into so much more. He lives a completely different life from Alexis. He's from a small town, does volunteer Mayor work for the town, he's a carpenter and very handy, he doesn't come from a family with loads of money, etc.

I loved these characters. I loved the way they were written. Even though, Alexis is a doctor and has money, she doesn't flaunt it or act better than everyone like her friends do. She cares about Daniel and wants to help him with his business. She's supportive and encouraging. The only thing that annoyed me was how she handled her relationship with her parents in the beginning. I totally get the parent induced pressure and the you-need-to-follow-my-dream-not-live-your-own vibe but my god, were her parents annoying. Let your kid do what makes them happy. Period. Alexis was then in the mindset that she had to do everything to make her parents happy. They even wanted her to get back with her ex...who was abusive...and also cheated on her. NO. But this does make the ending all the more better.

On the other hand, Daniel's character was very hardworking, never take anything for granted, enjoy the little things in life, help the community. He also had a sort of family legacy. His family was mayor of the town forever, and they also built the B&B he kept up and running. He's also nine years younger than Alexis, but he doesn't act like a child. I think it stated in the book that he was twenty-eight and Alexis was thirty-seven. I've read books before where one person is a lot younger than the other in the relationship and the age difference is written poorly. This however, was done SO well. Daniel was mature, sweet and thoughtful, and honestly perfect boyfriend material. He reminded me a lot of my boyfriend which is honestly probably why I loved this relationship so much.

Their chemistry was so perfect as well. While they did have opposite lifestyles, they were willing to learn about the other person's. They also were a lot like personality wise which I think is why the vibes were just right with them.

This was a longer read compared to the last few. It's about 370ish pages, but in the hardbound copy the font was kind of big. I flew through this book in two days. It was so good–I couldn't put it down.

Overall, I give it a 4/5 stars. I would highly, highly recommend! This author does have a few other books which I honestly think I will check out.

Alright, folks that is all I have for this week! Come back next Wednesday for another blog post! As always thank you for reading :)