Murder in the Family Book Review

Murder in the Family Book Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! Today, I am back with another book review. I am super excited about this one because of how hyped up this book was on Tiktok, so let's get into it!

This book follows a family who has experienced a tragedy. Guy Howard is looking to solve the 20-year old cold case of his stepfather, Luke Ryder's, murder. Through 6 episodes of a documentary, he and a team of experts are revisiting the evidence and trying to solve this case once and for all.

I first heard about this book through Tiktok. Everyone was hyping it up because as the story is told and the detectives are working through possible solutions, all the newspaper clippings, autopsy reports, documents, etc. are also given to you the reader. You are given all the same information as the team working on the case which means you are able to solve it with them. We are shown the evidence instead of being told about it.

The other really cool thing was that this was told through the documentary script. So essentially you're reading each episode and getting some behind the scenes when the filming has wrapped. It's been awhile since I've read something in this format, but I thought it made things all the more entertaining. These two factors really made this a fun and easy read.

As the detectives investigate different theories and rule them out, you're left enthralled trying to figure out what actually happened to Luke Ryder. The ending gripping.

This is the perfect book to pull you out of a slump. I would highly recommend checking this book out. I know Cara Hunter has wrote other books too, and this makes me want to look into those.

Overall, I would give this 4/5 stars. It was so incredibly well done and kept me hooked the entire time!

Alright folks, that is all I have for this week! Come back next Wednesday for another blog posts! As always, thank you for reading:)