Meet You in the Middle Book Review

Meet You in the Middle Book Review

Welcome back to Cover to Cover! Today I have yet another book review! And let me tell you when I say this book is good, its fantastic. I read it in a day! I have so much to talk about so, let’s just jump right in.

Today I want to talk about Meet You in the Middle by Devon Daniels. I packed this book up about a month or two ago. I kept pushing it back on my TBR because I just had other books I wanted to read first, but boy, should I have read this sooner. This is a contemporary romance about a strong-headed democrat who is very stubborn in her ways and a strong-willed, determined republican. You see where I’m going with this? Their first-time meeting is rocky to say the least. The both immediately get under the other’s skin and from then on, continue to battle with each other.

Kate works for a democratic senator in D.C. and refuses to date anyone outside her party. Which honestly kind of gets annoying throughout the book because she keeps coming back to this one thought. And while her and Ben (the love interest) butt heads a lot, he is more than willing to make things work. He even says that he respects her opinion even if he doesn’t agree with it. But Kate also comes from a troubled family life and a loose-end of a father which has caused her a lot of trauma. So, it’s hard for her to trust and to not get in her own way when something good comes along.

Ben, on the other hand, works in D.C. for a republican senator. He also has his own trauma as well, but he’s very protective and goes after what he wants. When he sees something good, he isn’t going to let it go. It’s kind of interesting just how opposite they are, but they also have enough in common (as in ways of living and morals) that it works. But it also boils down to how much they want the relationship to work.

It’s important to mention that this is an enemies-to-lovers story. I love this kind of trope because I love seeing the main characters soften for each other. I think its sweet when they realize, oh, what is happening? Why can’t I stop thinking about you? Why do I miss you when you’re standing right in front of me? Etc. This book had my attention from the very first page. I loved the banter between the two main characters. I loved when they would fluster each other or push the other’s buttons. It was very entertaining to read.

I think this is another great book to read for the summer. It’s romantic and heart-warming. Like I’ve said, I literally couldn’t put this book down; I finish it in less than a day, and I loved every second of it.

The only things I didn’t like about this book was that sometimes Kate got annoying. Yes, she’s hardcore Democratic, but if Ben was willing to set aside differences, I think she could have done that too a little earlier in the book. She spent too much time caring about what others were going to think. I also think that Ben put up with a lot more than he should’ve had to in the beginning. Also, the other thing that I didn’t really care for was how fast the ending came about. I feel like in the epilogue there could’ve been a little more detail. It felt like it was a summary of a whole year of their lives. But other than that, I really liked it.

I would definitely recommend this book! Its such a fun and quick read too! And if you're afraid of the politics, don't be. It's very broad so you won't be pulling your hair out over different issues and views.

Alright, folks! That’s all I have for today! A quick and short review! Come back again next week!