How Different Seasons Affect Reading Patterns and What you Want to Read

Hi everyone! This week I want to talk about how each season can affect what books someone reads. Now, I know that may sound weird, but its true! Personally, I will only read certain types of books on vacations or by the poolside. Also, bookstores create tables and promote different genres during the different seasons to make customers really look at those books first. There are certain genres that will get more attention during certain seasons. Nevertheless, let’s just get right into it!


Summer is a season of sunny adventures, beach vacations, road trips, ice cream sundaes, late night drives, etc. It’s fun and care-free. When I think of the summer season, I think of flirty romances, young adult romances something perfect for a beach read. The bookstores already have some of their summer romance books out. They look so fun and inviting. The covers are all beachy and colorful. I tend to gravitate towards a stand-alone romance novel. Red, White, and Royal Blue is a really good beach read. Something perfect for a day at the pool or the beach. When I saw all those romance books, I just couldn’t pick one up at the moment because I wasn’t in the mood to read one.


When I think of spring, I think of growth, rebirth, life, softness, greenery, etc. Color returns back to the earth, life returns back to earth, and people are outside again. It’s a beautiful time. The spring season is probably one season where I kind of go in different reading directions. What I mean is that sometimes I will read a coming-of-age novel, a classic, a thriller, or a historical fiction. While its not spring right now (even though the weather disagrees), I am currently reading a historical fiction novel about Hitler’s taste testers. Spring is a fluid season where I, personally, can be in the mood to read anything. Bookstores usually have a lot of Young Adult novels out and the staff’s top picks.


It’s everyone’s favorite season and one arguably one of the best times of the year. I love fall. Its so beautiful. This may not come as a shocker but I tend to read mostly thrillers during this season. The bookstores put out more thrillers and horror books because Halloween is right in the middle of the season. People think of spooky things when they think of fall. I don’t really read a lot of hardcore horrors, but I do love a good thriller. I have so many recommendations! I would check out anything by Wendy Walker or J.T. Ellison. I just wouldn’t be in the mood to grab a cute, flirty romance.


Winter is another fluid season because there are many different avenues to go down. There are always so many Christmas romance novels. I do get in the mood for a good Christmas book. Its like reading a Hallmark movie. Except once Christmas is over the cute Christmas novels are done. You definitely have to read it before the holiday. I grabbed a book called One Day in December, and it was a part of Reese’s Book Club. But I never got to it which means I am going to wait until after Thanksgiving to read it because I can’t read a Christmas book in the middle of March or June. The bookstores usually have winter romance books and sometimes there are winter murder mystery novels. Like I said, it can be a very fluid season.

Thank you for reading! I had so much fun writing this, and I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post!