Happy Place Book Review

Happy Place Book Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! I have been trying to process everything about Happy Place by Emily Henry since finishing it. To say this is her best novel yet is an understatement. I have so much to talk about, so let's get into it!

I have no words for how amazing and truly great this book was. We follow Harriet and Wyn and their group of friends from collage as they spend a week in Maine on a coastal vacation as they do every year. Harriet and Wyn haven't told their friend group that they are no longer engaged and come to realize there really is no good time to tell everyone on this trip. So, they fake being together still. But they are a close-knit group of friends, who know each other like the back of their hands, so how can Harriet and Wyn keep something like this from everyone?

That was a very watered down synopsis of everything, but this book has tropes of found family, second chance, faking dating, only one bed, and dual timeline.

So speaking of dual timeline, we go back and forth between the past and present. We know right away that Harriet and Wyn are no longer together, but we get to see snapshots of them falling in love, living together, proposing, and falling apart. It was really heartbreaking to see Harriets's side of things and then to hear Wyn's reaction to her actions, the way he interpreted things.

The writing in this book was absolutely beautiful. I need to go back and annotate my copy because some of the lines were gut punches and beautiful and heartbreaking and everything was just simply amazing.

This is hands down the best book I have read in a really long time. Emily Henry had my attention from her very first book, and she has become such a favorite of mine.

One of the best things about her books is that it's not just romance. I mean look at all those tropes I mentioned in the beginning, there is more than just a boy and a girl falling in love.

Within this book we deal with adult friendships and relationships, trying to find your purpose in this world, complicated family life, etc. In every way possible this book resonated with me. I've never related to a character more than I did with Harriet.

When I was reading this, I felt like I was a part of this friend group. The characters felt like old friends; and I was rooting for Harriet and Wyn the entire time. I was beyond scared that things wouldn't end up working out in the end.

I already can't wait for the next Emily Henry book. Each one gets better and better.

If you haven't read any of her books or haven't read Happy Place you need to immediately. Seriously, you won't regret it. I cannot recommend her books, especially this one, enough.

Overall, I give this 6/5 stars!

Alright folks, that is all I have for this week! Come back next Wednesday for another blog post! As always thank you for reading:)