Expectations vs. Reality

I am not a negative person, and I don’t want to put negative content out in the world. However, it is not very often I come across a thriller/mystery book that didn’t wow me. Thrillers/mysteries have slowly become my favorite genre. I always get sucked into the world and like the characters, I’m on a mission to figure out the killer. It makes me feel like I am a detective on the case. I always want to guess the killer right before they are finally revealed. It is also a way for my mom and I to bond because we’ll share and swap books all the time, and this is the only genre she reads. It is really easy to get wrapped up in the books from this genre. They all have this pull on you that always makes you want to continue reading, or I guess I should say makes you never want to put the book down and finish it in one sitting.

Anyways, the book I am alluding to is In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. I feel like everyone raves about this book. I always see it on the shelves in the bookstore, and it’s even on Reese Witherspoon’s book club list. So, I was anticipating and hoping to really like, and as I was reading, I came to the horrifying realization that this just wasn’t the book for me; For the record though, I did finish it.

I can’t necessarily pinpoint it on one thing that turned me off the book. There weren’t too many characters, so it was easy to keep everyone straight. Usually, these types of books have a lot of characters, and if there’s more than five the reader is going to get confused. Sometimes books in this genre, jump from perspective to perspective, but this book didn’t do that. So, it’s not the structure either. I guess the plot and story arc weren’t enough to carry me all the way through the book. I prefer when the killer is somewhat of a main character; or someone the main character knows and comes into contact with a lot. BUT also, the motive has to justifiable AND realistic. Sometimes, the motive is dumb and its just like, “really, that’s why you murdered these people?” Ever since the tv show, Pretty Little Liars, revealed who ‘A’ was (the stalker/killer), I’ve had very high standards for motives.

Also, I read a lot, and I don’t expect to love or even like every book I read. That would be so unrealistic. But I’m still disappointed when every once in a while I come across a book that I don’t like or didn’t even finish. I absolutely hate when I don’t finish a book. It’s so heartbreaking, and I hope I’m not the only one that feels this way. And look, I don’t want to spoil the book by giving away the motive because I want you to decide for yourself whether or not its going to be a book you’re going to like, but I still stand by what I say about the motive not being strong enough for me. Now, where was I? Oh yes, I hate not being able to finish a book especially when I am so excited to start it. It’s like when you go to Starbucks for your favorite drink, but then they don’t have it. SO DISAPPOINTING!

Alas, life goes on, the disappointment fades, and you just pick up another book hopefully one better than the last.