Eight Perfect Hours Book Review

Eight Perfect Hours Book Review

Welcome back everyone! The holiday spirit has hit me early this year, and I have started on the holiday books. I never really used to read Christmas books, but as of recently I feel like it has become a bigger thing. Like how all these cute romance books are now a huge thing too. You know what I’m talking about, with all the cute colorful covers of animated couples on them. I’m living for it. Or maybe I’m just paying more attention to what’s in the bookstore now that I’m not at school anymore. Regardless, I just finished my first of the season, and I already want to run to the store to get another. But without further ado, let’s get into it!

Let’s talk about Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis. Overall, I thought it was a really cute story. It wasn’t what I was expecting but it was still very heartwarming. This isn’t a die-hard Christmas book...more like a winter-y seasonal read. But it still gives off holiday vibes, so I’m just going to roll with it.

To give some context, this book is about two people who are stuck on a freeway because of a snowstorm. Sam, the main love interest, offers Noelle his phone charger since he sees her struggling in her car. She ends up getting in his, and they end up talking and venting and listening for hours. It’s a unique situation which makes them more comfortable to open up about their past and troubles. After the snow is cleared, Noelle thinks she’ll never see Sam again because he lives in America, and she lives in England. Of course, we know that fate has other plans, and they keep running into each other. And life is complicated for both, and they’re both struggling with a loss. There’s a lot of outside factors.

I thought this book was really well written, and I really liked how Noelle, Sam, and Ed were portrayed. Sam and Ed were different enough that you could understand why Noelle would fall for Sam. And Noelle is a very relatable character. She’s struggling with the idea of finally being able to live her life instead of letting it slip away. I feel like that’s something everyone can relate too. You don’t want to think that you’re always waiting for something. That’s how Noelle feels.

One of my favorite lines from this book is when Noelle is talking to Sam worried that she is missing out on her life. And he tells her that it’s good to be worried about the future, which means “you’re thinking.” I found this really comforting as someone who always worries about being successful and living life to the fullest.

There were also a few surprising twists at the end that I was suspecting. Nothing bad since this is a romance book, but just things I wasn’t really expecting to happen. I feel like it did make the story come full circle and make you appreciate being connected to people in your life more. I don’t want to spoil anything if you choose to read it, but like I said this book was definitely not what I was expecting.

***Spoilers beyond this point***

One of the things I did not like was that it felt like it took 300 pages for the character to finally admit not only to themselves but to each other that they’re in love. To literally say the words, “I love you” to one another. Or to even show any kind of physical touch. The book is only about 320ish pages, so I feel like waiting this long was a little much. Yes, they kept bumping into each other but that’s only for a few pages at a time. Granted there is more Sam and Noelle content towards the end when they are both at the hotel for their events but it’s definitely a slow build. Not even a slow burn, just the build up to the main show. However, that makes for some nice character development.

***Back to safe reading territory***

Overall, I would give this book a 2.75/5. I liked it, it was cute, but like I a bunch of times before this isn’t what I thought I was going to be reading. I was looking more for a sappy holiday romance not a slow forming seasonal romance. You catch my vibe? Nonetheless, I’m still happy to have read it. If you’re looking for a filler book with not a lot of touchy romance then this would be the book for you. I feel like the life lessons overtook the romance.

Anyways, that’s all I have for today, folks! Come back next week for another post! Thank you for reading 😊