ACOTAR Series Characters and What I Think Their Love Language Would be Pt.1

ACOTAR Series Characters and What I Think Their Love Language Would be Pt.1

Welcome back everyone! Since A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas was just released, I thought I would do something cool to celebrate the release of it. I am currently halfway through the book and its so good. If you’ve read the rest of the series, I highly, highly, highly recommend reading about Nesta and Cassian. Their story is emotional and triumphant. But anyways, to celebrate I thought it would be interesting to guess what each character’s love language would be. I also decided to break this into two parts because there are just so many characters that I want to include.

*If you haven’t read the series there are spoilers*

Feyre: Acts of Service

I think Feyre would be acts of service because since we first meet her, she is the one providing for her family. She is the one who hunts, gathers food, barters and trades in the market, earns the money, etc. If she doesn’t hunt then her and her family would not survive. So, I think since she was the one who always has to take care of everyone, her love language would be someone doing something like that for her. She’s had to fight for everything in her life, so maybe someone can fight for her. Someone can bring her food, clean her weapons, etc. It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture, but she would appreciate the effort someone would go through to do something like that for her.

Rhys: Words of Affirmation

Rhys would be words of affirmation because since he is High Lord every praises him and admires him, but those admirations start to feel like sunshine during the summer, it happens so often that it begins to lose sentiment. But hearing those admirations, gratitude, and praise from a partner is different. Their words carry more weight. So, I think if Feyre praised him and encouraged him, he would really take it to heart and it would mean a lot more to him than some random person. And I chose words of affirmation over physical touch because of everything that happened Under the Mountain. Plus, Feyre’s words always meant a lot more to him than anything else.

Cassian: Physical Touch

I think Cassian would be physical touch because of his childhood. He was ripped away from his mother, was brought up in a war camp where he trained day and night, he was surrounded by other IIyarian Soldiers who definitely didn’t show any kindness, etc. So, I think after years of not receiving that touch especially from his mother that would start to show in his relationships. He would want that contact, crave that contact.

Az: Quality Time

Az is such a sweet character when he is around the people he cares most about. He’s loyal and will fight for what is right. But when he isn’t with Rhys and Cas, he’s usually alone. Throughout the series so far he hasn’t really had a love interest besides Mor, but we know how complicated that is. So, I think that he would want someone who will spend time with him doing anything or nothing at all. They can sit in the library and read or go train or walk through Velaris. But he needs someone who likes spending time with him, and who is okay with the shadows that constantly surround him.

Amren: Gifts

Amren is a feisty, snarky, sassy creature who you don’t want to mess with. You don’t want to be on her bad side. But to get on her good side, all you have to do is give her jewelry or any kind of jewel. Rhys often pays her in jewels or various sparkly items. She always reminded me of a dragon because she likes to hoard treasure like one. She always wants the prettiest, most sparkly item in any store. But at least everyone knows what to get her for gifts. I think Amren would want someone who knows what she wants without her having to say it. Someone who would bring her the rarest gem or one-of-a-kind bracelet. It would make her feel special and loved all at the same time.

That’s all I have for today, folks! I hoped you enjoyed today’s blog post; I had such a blast thinking through each character! I will hopefully do a second part to this sometime in the future. Come back next week for A Court of Silver Flames book review!